Annual report of Department of Health Services 2073/74 (2016/2017)

The annual report of the Department of Health Services (DoHS) for fiscal year 2073/74 (2016/2017) is the twenty-third consecutive report of its kind.

This report focuses on the objectives, targets and strategies adopted by Nepal’s health programmes and analyses their major achievements and highlights trends in service coverage over three fiscal years. This report also identifies issues, problems and constraints and suggests actions to be taken by health institutions for further improvements.

The Annual Report is a comprehensive document based on the annual performance of all components of the health care delivery systems along with their reviews accomplished at the community, district, provincial and national levels. It provides detailed and up-to-date information with regards to resources, services provided, analytical trends and disease patterns in the country.

Data on disease conditions people are suffering from, service utilization, and other data related to health care delivery services are very much important for planning purposes. Further to this, as the country has recently transitioned to federal system, the report has provided results as per the federal structure for local, province, and federal levels. This Annual Report of DoHS will be helpful for policy makers, managers, decision makers, evaluators, researchers and health related students.


This report has ten chapters. Chapter 1 covers the background to annual report preparation, the structure of DoHS, and sources of information on Nepal’s health sector. Chapters 2 to 6 cover DoHS’s different health care related programmes; Chapter 7 presents the health sector M&E, Chapter 8 presents the programmes of the DDA and DoA; Chapter 8 presents the programmes of the health sector councils, Chapter 9 the progress on health insurance while Chapter 11 gives details of the health sector development partners.

Annex 1 presents the achievement of targets of DoHS’s programmes, Annex 2 gives the programme targets for the next fiscal year (2074/75), Annex 3 gives the human resource situation of all districts, while Annex 4 presents the target populations for FY 2073/74 and 2074/75 and health services raw and analysed data by the indicators of different programmes disaggregated by ecological, development regions and districts.


Annual report of Department of Health Services 2073/74 (2016/2017) (PDF, 34.8 MB)

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  • Ministry of Health, 2018. Annual Report, Department of Health Services 2073/2074 (2016/2017).Kathmandu, Nepal. Ministry of Health, Department of Health Services.

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