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Nepali daktar

[PHP Nepal Vol 1 Issue 7 Jul 2011] | Not everything in this country in transition is to be cursed at or looked down upon. Setting aside the political imbroglio, economic constraints, power-shortage and all; there's indeed a matter that brings a rarely available pride for us and shows a glimmer of hope in the field of health. The achievements in terms of lowering children and maternal mortality ratios which are also the targets of millennium development goals (MDGs)-4 and 5 respectively are really worthy of salute. Maternal mortality ratio (MMR) that was 539 per one hundred thousand live-births in 1996 (Nepal Family Health Survey/NFHS) has been brought to 281 by 2006 (Nepal Demographic Health Survey/NDHS conducted quinquennially).

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Nepalese Migrant Workers in Three Gulf Countries: Living and Working Conditions

[PHP Nepal Vol 1 Issue 6 Jun 2011] | The Gulf countries have become some of the most dynamic places for the Nepalese migrant workers since the mid 1990s. Nepalese migrant workers typically have high health risks because of their exposure to risky jobs and poor living and working conditions. A cross-sectional survey was conducted among 408 adult Nepalese migrant workers who had work experience of at least six months in one of the three Gulf countries (Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates) who were in Nepal at the time of recruitment and had returned to Nepal within the previous 12 months.

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Weeds: Medicinal Value Unaware To Public

[PHP Nepal Vol 1 Issue 3 Mar 2011] | Bygone, we are using plants as a medication. Diseases like cancer, jaundice, and diabetes are treated by plants like Vinca, Phyllanthes sp. and Gymnema sp. respectively. More than 50 percent of households in the northern part and about 25 percent in the middle part of central Nepal are involved in collecting plants for their medicinal use. These plants are herbs, shrubs, trees, crops or unwanted plants like weeds that grow along with the crops.

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