Public Health Perspective Nepal – A New Year A New Beginning

[PHP Nepal Vol 1 Issue 1 Jan 2011] | A New Year always deserves to have something new. Public Health Perspective Nepal (PHP Nepal) is the result of this natural practice initiated by public health students of Pokhara University, which is the first online newsletter of public health of Nepal.

Health, being the basic need, all people should have knowledge and understandings about health activities, programs, plans, interventions, diseases outbreak, medicines, laboratory, epidemiological investigations, environment, health rights, laws, and research. However, people are unaware due to the lack of efficient health information systems existing in the country. Public health students realized this information gap and planned a new resolution with the start of New Year to make people aware about these variables. Consequently, the Public Health Perspective Nepal came into being. 

This newsletter will have nine sections viz. editorial, letters to the editors, national news, articles, global health, journal watch, WHO publications, and being healthy. It will have eleven issues per year with a combined issue of October and November.

In Nepal, the culture of documentation/reporting in health sector is very poor despite the large time commitment of health professionals. To outcast this miserable situation, PHP Nepal provides a right place to share their information, experiences, and success stories. PHP Nepal team believes that it will be a revolutionary newsletter in public health field.

Therefore, we would like to request all health professionals to join the PHP Nepal mailing list by clicking the SUBSCRIBE button in our website. PHP Nepal welcomes any suggestions and comments from its valued readers. 

Please feel free to distribute it within your networks.


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